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Free – Reva’s Quest

Published January 7, 2017 by Caishel Books

Reva’s Quest is free for an unlimited time, but when you’ve read the book you get the chance to download another Middle Grade book for free! All you have to do is sign up to my mailing list. If you want the free book then decide you’d rather not be on the list you can unsubscribe and you still get to keep both free books! What better deal could you ask for? Reva’s Quest can be downloaded free from all branches of Amazon – here’s the and links, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and various other online bookstores. Happy reading and I hope you enjoy.

Reva, her garden gnome, two elves and a griffin travel across the magical land of Fey to destroy the evil, Malice. Only Reva has the ability to rid the land of Malice, but the journey brings danger, and she wonders if she will survive. Malice’s evil has invaded many of the animals and these beasts try to stop them reaching their goal. When one of the companions begins to act strangely, and Reva must consider the possibility of a traitor in their midst.