Adult Fantasy Romance

Broken Spire
Rak Shoma Book 1
Adopted as a toddler Ash starts her first year at Spires Magic College. The college magic doesn’t work for her and the maeven consider her style of magic to be alien.  Ash is drawn to the ruined North Spire and believes it will provide the answer to her origins, but students are banned from this ruin. 
Her boyfriend Orm promises to help her enter the North Spire when they finish their studies, but Ash’s alien magic might get her expelled before she can discover her past?

Steam Mountain
Rak Shoma Book 2
The search for Ash’s parents bring the magic couple to the country of Stavmo, a civilization whose power is based on steam. A huge factory billows toxic smoke into the air, and only the rich are able to escape the fumes by living on the opposite side of town. Cross the dictator who runs the country and you vanish into the mines or are thrown into the volcano. But the volcano holds even greater secrets, and possibly a link to Ash’s family.
The magical pair make friends with the rebels and try to help them fight for their rights, but in doing so they get separated and place themselves in danger.

Knights Keep
Rak Shoma Book 3
Maevens Ash and Orm continue their search for her family.
In Banneret they are attacked and separated.
In their efforts to find one another Ash loses her memory and her magic.
Orm makes friends with an Outlander who helps him to search for Ash’s family in the hope they might help to find his soul mate.
Their search reveals the people of Banneret need their help. Orm finds Ash is held prisoner in Knights Keep, but by the time he and his friends arrive to rescue Ash, she has already escaped.
Will they be able to reunite and help the people of Banneret?

Journey’s End
Rak Shoma Book 4

Ash and Orm reach the end of their journey, but above ground all is not as they expected. There is no sign of any humans and the swampy grounds appear to be the habitat of unfriendly and dangerous animals.
The further they travel into the continent, the land appears stranger and stranger. Is this really the home of Ash’s parents and her people, or has their journey been in vain?
If they have failed in their quest, will they be able to return home again?

The Queen’s Ring
To save her husband and son, Alivet must agree to abandon her family and become the queen of her husband’s brother. Unable to save her family, Alivet makes one last stand to thwart the King’s plans for the future.

The Sixth Key
Kidnapped, taken to another planet – how much worse can Riley’s life get? The castle inhabitants are psychic, mainly telepaths, and they are at odds with the Mutes in the forest. The psychics plan to discover how Riley blocks her thoughts so they can eradicate the Mutes, a mix of free telepaths and non-telepaths. 
Riley seeks help from the Mutes in the hope they will help her escape the telepaths tests. In return the Mutes want her to help them find the real king. Riley returns to the castle to delve for more information.
Will she survive or will her mind be torn apart by the tests?

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