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This novelette is from the World War II Blitz series. It’s Christmas 1938 and Velma’s family is determined to enjoy the festive season, but Jack cannot get leave to join them. Velma’s young nephew declares that Santa bring the best presents, but all Velma wants is to be with Jack. Amazon Other Online Outlets

Blitz – World War II Romance
Twenty-four-year-old Velma longs to be treated as an adult, but her older sisters insist they know what is best for her future.   
Tall, dark, and handsome, Jack is a soldier distantly connected to Velma’s family. He sweeps Velma off her feet and asks her to marry him.   
War looms on the horizon and Jack must go to face the enemy. Their love now has to survive the family and the war – or will their parting be forever?

Broken Heart
Darcy’s older sister has returned home from America. Kelly seems happy and carefree but Darcy is positive her sister is hiding a secret and this is making her unhappy.

Three Hearts
Darcy refuses to believe Travis is telling the truth when he claims he’s Brooke’s father, but doubts enter her mind when he proves he married her sister. Would Travis kidnap her beloved niece and disappear with her to America?  
Travis is suspicious of Darcy’s occupation and believes she is not acting in his daughter’s best interest. It can’t be that difficult for a father to get custody of his daughter – can it?

Recipe for Romance
Influenza leaves Kirsty alone in the hotel kitchen to prepare all the food for the day’s menus. Her day goes from bad to worse when the new hotel manager appears and demands to know what’s going on.
Reeve arrives in the kitchen and looks in disgust at the untidy state of the work surfaces. Things get off to a bad start but when he discovers the reason for the untidiness he strips off his jacket and lends a hand.
Despite their truce, Reeve must discover the cause of the hotel’s loss of profits. He feels an attraction for Kirsty but work must come first. 

Romantic Mysteries
A sweet romance anthology of three books.
Wyrd Fortune – Jenna must clear her name after a couple of reporters write an unflattering article about her ability to read the tarot cards.
The Big C – a solo mother has to deal with the stress of test results
and how to tell her children.
The List – two lists to help a young woman lose weight.
One for goals to achieve and the other for temptations to stop.
Kindle Unlimited version only from

Romantic Memories
Sweet Romance anthology Romantic Memories
where the reader gets three stories in one book.
Misty Memories – Gayle wakes up in a man’s bed and can’t remember how she got there. What happened to her the night before?
Visit from the Past – a woman’s past comes back to haunt her, dare she tell her husband the truth?
Broken Dreams – Fay waits for her true love to come home, but he brings another woman with him, how can she cope with the knowledge her love isn’t returned?
Kindle Unlimited version only from

Miri’s Inheritance
Miri’s life changes with an unexpected inheritance from a grandmother she’s never met.
Gavin, the solicitor’s clerk, helps her settle into her grandmother’s cottage and helps to navigate the legal aspects of the inheritance.
When a person breaks into her home she wonders if she can she count on Gavin to protect her now his official duties are over?

Jayden’s Innocence
Life is hard when Jayden is released from prison. He retreats to a quiet village to hide from the world and  decides the only option is to clear his name from the embezzlement charge. Will anyone believe him?
Sophie lives in the same village and is willing to help him prove his innocence plus she has the skills to do the investigation.Their quest draws them closer but danger follows every move they make. Will their search make things worse for Jayden or will they clear his name?

Kaitlyn’s Curiosity
Afraid her daughter is heading for trouble due to the company she keeps, Kaitlyn’s mother sends her to look after Uncle Clive who suffers from dementia.
Kaitlyn and Uncle Clive settle into a peaceful co-existence, but the home help is not happy at Kaitlyn’s arrival and tries to make trouble.
Noah, Clive’s social worker, sorts out the problem but is this handsome man more interested in the niece more than the uncle?

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