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Free Book

Published March 4, 2023 by Caishel Books

Have you seen my Cloud Kingdom Series and not sure if you want to read it?

There are so many fantasy ebooks available on Amazon and other online stores it’s difficult to choose. To help you make your choice I am offering the first book of the series – Blue and Silver – Caishel – for free from Book Funnel.

Book Funnel will assist in the download and they will help you put it on your Kindle if that’s how you read ebooks. 

What have you got to lose? Click on the link below and download to start reading. 

Book Funnel (

Rebel Robot

Published March 5, 2021 by Caishel Books

Nyria Fey has a new sci-fi/fantasy book released for children 9 years and over.
Disappointed with the recycled Juvenile robot her parents gave her for her birthday, Sanna tries to ignore the bulky machine. She calls him Jade. He starts to act strangely and soon after robots looking very similar to Jade start to disappear. With the help of her friends Taryn and Marn she investigates the thefts. Sanna is convinced the thieves are after Jade, but they must find out why before the Eco Council take her robot for reprogramming as he is showing signs of self-will. She realises he has become a major part of her life, but can she save him from the thieves?
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7th March to 13th March PS