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Reva’s Quest

Published September 7, 2014 by Caishel Books

Reva's Quest

Reva’s Quest is now available in print as well as ebook.

Reva and her garden gnome arrive in Fey to fight the evil, Malice. Joined by three quest companions, they travel across the land to Malice’s lair. Only Reva can rid the world of Malice, but their journey brings danger, and she wonders if she will survive. Malice’s evil has invaded many of the animals and these beasts try to stop them reaching their goal. One of the companions begins to act strangely, and Reva must consider the possibility of a traitor in their midst.

The pleasant walk beneath the trees held a tinge of darkness. Reva still felt they were being followed. Kai’s pursuit to the elves’ village merely stirred her curiosity. Now a feeling of menace sent a shiver down her spine. The gnome stomped along in his usual grumpy way, oblivious to any sign of danger. Jarin and Maura talked quietly as they followed her down the path. What could make her feel this way? Kai didn’t seem to be worried. He stalked in front, his proud head showing no sign anything bothered him.

“Gareth, do you get a feeling we’re being watched?” Reva moved up beside him.

“No.” He looked at the trees on either side of the path before he continued. “Did you see something?”

“I’ve got a feeling something’s not quite right.”

“Is anything wrong?” Jarin asked. He and Maura moved closer to Reva.

“She thinks something’s watching us,” Gareth said with a snort. “Too much imagination got us into this mess in the first place.”

“The human is right,” Jarin stated. “Since Malice arrived in our world, leprechauns have moved into the fringes of our forest. They don’t come close to our settlement, but we have to be wary when we travel.”

“That’s comforting.” Reva glanced into the undergrowth once more.

“Don’t worry. They won’t approach while Kai is with us,” Jarin reassured her. “No leprechaun would dare come near a griffin.”

They walked through the trees for most of the day, but eventually the forest thinned out. Through the trunks she could see rolling meadows with another wooded area in the distance. Distant snow-topped mountains broke the horizon. The creatures of Fey might not be the same as her imagination, but the scenery certainly looked similar. Eager to leave the lurking leprechauns behind, she hurried out onto the lush grassy surface.

“Come back you silly girl.”

Reva ignored Maura. With her arms stretched out to either side and her face turned upward, she spun slowly, enjoying the warm sunshine of late afternoon.

“What does she think she’s doing?” Maura’s voice held astonishment.

“Enjoying the warmth and light I think,” Jarin’s words were thoughtful. “I thought she knew about Fey. Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is to rush out in the open?”

“Apparently not,” the female elf replied.

Reva heard their voices, but ignored the actual words. Eyes closed, she tilted her head back even more and lifted her face to the sky, enjoying the warm rays bathing her face. The sunshine wiped away the sense of menace and replaced it with a feeling of ease and contentment.

For several moments, she stood delighting in the sun before something passed across the sky, throwing a shadow on her face. Reva looked up, expecting to see a cloud crossing the sun. Her eyes widened in horror. A huge avian dived toward her at an amazing speed. The beak opened in a challenging scream which went right through her. Sharp talons on its feet stretched toward her as it swooped in for the kill.

The bird zoomed closer and closer. Reva stood open-mouthed, staring. Fear and disbelief pinned her feet to the ground.

Spirit Stealer in paperback

Published August 25, 2014 by Caishel Books

ssprintcoversingleThere has been so much to do that this blog has been neglected while books are being sorted and published. I’m happy to announce that Spirit Stealer is now available in print from various outlets (including Amazon).

The library is a different world at night. Playful phantoms tease Fader, the street urchin who sleeps in the warm building. The green phantom is sinister. He steals the spirits of children trapped in the library at night. Fader has half his spirit taken and is trapped in the library forever.  Half a century later Amelia joins Fader when she is locked in by mistake. Fader tries to protect her from the spirit stealer but he fails with disastrous consequences. Time moves on and a century after the library opened Tyler tries to rescue those trapped by the spirit stealer. Will his attempt succeed?


Fader spent the beginning of the night searching the building, looking for another way into the library. He searched the main entry and laughed as he sat in the Chief Librarian’s chair and twirled round.

I’ve got to find another way in. His gaze roamed the space before the front doors. Somewhere the pompous idiot won’t think to check.

Fader looked toward a small door on one side of the main desk.

Please let there be something to help me in here, he prayed as he opened the door. The room held books neatly stacked on the floor and shelves. A bookcase hid the bottom half of a small window, but it only took a moment for Fader to fiddle with the catch. When he finished, it appeared to be locked, though it didn’t shut completely. He pulled the shelving further across until it hid the catch, but left enough room above for him to climb the shelves and slip out through the window.

The window entrance proved to be safer than the alley door. He didn’t have to worry someone might see him, or the window would be found and locked. He arrived after the library closed and left before it opened—too early and late for the librarians, lessening the chance of capture. Half his nights he spent reading and the other half sleeping. Weeks passed, and his nocturnal visits remained undiscovered. Fader began to think of the nighttime library as his very own place.

Then the noises started.