Welcome to Caishel Books. This is the home of books by Sue Perkins and Nyria Fey.

Nyria is working on her new books and hopes to put them online in the near future.

Meanwhile, Sue has the third book of her Rak Shoma series available NOW. Knight’s Keep continues the story of Ash and Orm as they travel from continent to continent to find Ash’s parents.

Available in ebook and paperback.

Knights Keep sgl

Maevens Ash and Orm arrive in Banneret to continue their search for her family. They are immediately separated when Orm is attacked and instinctively teleports away. Ash is clapped in chains which prevents her using her magic. Genoa, the Kings Advisor, is convinced she can do magic. He believes he is a strong wizard, but Ash has difficulty keeping her laughter under control when he displays his abilities. She has further problems when the King takes an unhealthy interest in her and makes up her mind to escape. To do this she must force her magic to the fore, but this results in a loss of her magic and her memory.
Meanwhile Orm has made friends with an Outlander and they try to find any trace of Ash’s family hoping for their help to rescue Ash. The search takes them to the land of the little people, and the far western shores where they discover a colossus hiding in a cave. By the time they return to the Kings Keep to rescue Ash, she has already escaped–but where is she and will they be able to find her before Genoa does?