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Published August 20, 2022 by Caishel Books

I’ve decided to put together a proper blog for all the books published under the name of Caishel Books. Apparently Google is no longer talking to a lot of other sites which could mean some followers are not getting the information provided. Hopefully this works.

Ditty Box was released a few months ago, but it seems to have got lost in the pile of new books on Amazon and other on line bookshops.

This is the blurb that goes with the cover, hopefully the paperback will be available soon.

Phil loses his job on the fishing boats. He joins the Royal Navy, but on his way home from celebrating he’s assaulted, and robbed. Enid finds him and helps him home. They become good friends but the night before Phil leaves to join his ship, alcohol carries their relationship to the next level.
Enid worries she might be pregnant. What will Phil say if she is? Frightened by this possibility and the rumours of a war, Enid doesn’t know what to do.



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